what's a nice jewish boy doing at the u fla gainesville

Fri, 21 Jan 1994 02:57:50 EST

notorious party school for bleached out goyim?
How can anyone who is truly culturally dissident consciously resort
to a phonus-balonus usage like "deliberately countercultural"?
How can anyone except out of misguided, if grandiose and vaulting
careerism, overtly, in public, without shame, indulge in such words,
placed shamelessly for innocent children to see on television, as
"Cybernaut, PoMoDemite, Noetician, Situationiste," not to speak of the
ever-egregious "et al." The latter at least has the singular virtue of
having had *staying power*; but alas, where, today, are the "Situation
ist[e]s" today? Gone, wherever the Now has gone. Who, today, recalls the
Now? I recall, young fellow, when they first brought out the Now. And I
said, "Naaaaaah, it can't last." So I watched, and I waited, while fools,
postscarcity freakos for whom money grew on trees - and ya know, man, back
*before the war*, you know which war, not the Gulf Oil War, I'm tellin' ya,
we had a real military war to oppose in my day, highly praised in the
highest of places *precisely exactly because* there was this Enemy, whose
virtue inhered in being not too easily defeated, not too easily victorious.
And sure enough, look around, *the NOW is a Thing of the Past*!"

Just before the War, on account of, young fellow, *we do not count* what
was fought in the John F. Kennedy Administration, there was this book come
out, Monopoly Capital, by Baran & Sweezy, which I copped in Berkely from,
you know, a Dealer, and in this book it said, there was only *one thing*
that could save armenia (you remember, "beautify armenia get a harelip,"
Firesign Theater, All Hail, Columbia Records, 1970) from impending doom
from a Crisis of "surplus absorbtion," which was, send half a million men
to the Asian landmass and Use Up, by any means necessary, all the arms and
ammo and machines of war and bombs and copters and construction sites, and
*all kindsa Stuff* we got too much of elsewise. And they said, too good to
be true, they'd never do such an obvious Thingie. But somebody read the
book! That's why Marxism is a big industry in this country. Situationism,
see, is Made For Television. "Society of the Spectacle," all that obsolete
junk. Old tech. Nobody except me, though, has got a Marxism that runs on
computers. *And* comes equipped with a humanware that invades the
signification systems of the readership of the screenship, so they
read it compulsively like a computer virus in the brain, then type on
their keyboardship either fanmail or that hatemail which says, I waste
valuable time and money, they *can't stop*. Invest in Marxism now, pay

I guarantee you there was a rough patch from 1989 to 1991, but look
at the Progressive Sociologists Network. You know "On the Internet nobody
knows yer a dog?" Well, Marxists, and Sociolgists too, with a significant
interaction term if they are both, *want a better class of people*. So
the Listowner is telling Everybody, who is Them, you dig, to send in
a Thingie which is a mini-CV, looking as classy-academic-professional
as allgetout, and him or it what don't, me, is the dog, which they know
already. Mistake I made, I wasn't the best writer on that list. You hafta
be a dog, you do like me. If you are *not* a dog, you are *silly* beyond
compare *and a half*.

What this is, *schmegeggie*, is *doubletalk with content*. Daniel A.
Foss can do it, which you can't. Which is the *least* of the ire-inducing
aspects of saying you could for all these good people, who have excellent
reason to socially construct that they are Smart to the point if *feels
essential*, they *experience their Smartness*, they way you *don't*,
read me, what you feel is *inadequate* at a goyish party school, can't
even swim except in the innernet, which is Bronx for Internet, what else
but *inadequacy* can you possibly have to keep private? Huddling in fear,
hiding your Stupidity, by the standards of the Jewish people, of course.

Look at the evidence of your text: You want to hide being Jewish, it's
"irrelevant." Before the Jews got hold of this place, this USA was a savage
sinkhole of tribal wars and exclusive obsession with money. Look around you.
Thanks to the Jews, it's now a world-class civilization, manufacturing
millions of people a year who can act intelligent, maintain coolness, exude
suavity, and outclass organism for organism any Europeans pretending to
class; obsessed not with money but with Socioeconomic Status, Occupational
Prestige, and Professional Reputation; where those obeying the Prime
Directive of the transmutation of living flesh into print attain Immortality,
have graduate students teach their res gestae in History of Ideas programs.

Further: "If I'm going to be flamed or receive death threats (this
has happened on other lists, not this one).... So yer being flamed, you
won't die. The death threats, that's probably Lamont, on <Leri@gossip.
pyramid.com>, don't say you don't know what I'm talking about, you gave
me the evidence right here, Lamont threatened me too, don't worry about
him. Besides, recall I gave them my password, they can hack right in and
wipe me out. Are you paranoid? It's OK, don't worry about it. Yet.

*Here* is where I get you, *shloime*. You know what you did to me?
You insulted a very dear friend of mine. Only someone who is on *both*
ANTHRO-L *and* <Leri@gossip.pyramid.com> can decode the signification
in the series "Geertz...Dan Foss...Doctress Neutopia...Malinowski." Take
out your Levi-Strauss de la Poche from your preworn preshrunk preholed
Levis and observe how readily we decode this into: Genius...Subhuman...
Subhuman...Genius. Which is no way to treat the most important human
being there is to me in the entire world. Dr Libby N. Hubbard, PhD in
Future Studies, U Mass, 1993. Whom I am about to invite over here to
fill in the readership on postmodern architecture, on which she is an
expert and you are a complete ignoramus.

You have set up, on account of taking advantage of my dear friend's
self-promotion act being *even worse than yours*, made it quite impossible
for her to feel the professional respect and acceptance she deserves. You
know what they did, they don't. Get out before I throw you out. Either
that, or post an apology, you have her userid.

One last thing. Are you on <Leri@gossip.pyramid.com> as a *social
scientist*, or as a *real kid*? Some of us need to know this stuff.

for shame,
Daniel A. Foss