Re: Terminology-Bodily modification

Reed D Riner (rdr@SUNSET.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Mon, 17 Jan 1994 17:15:46 -0700

Paul Bohannon's 'We, The Alien' develops the idea of us humans 'culturizing'
progressively more and more of nature - which embraces this.
As a futures researcher I call up all of the images that have been
suggested for what we MAY do with combinations of 'plastic surgery', 'genetic
therapy', and cyborgish implants ....
i don't recall anyone anticipating the current rage for tattooing and
body-jewelry ... did that Anthro Today article cite a similar study published
in PsychToday about 25-30 years ago? it hinges on concept of 'role
ambiguity', or 'inadequate role definition' which has seemed to stand the
test of our times