Re: 'Native' anthropology

Susan Norris (smnorris@HUSC.HARVARD.EDU)
Sun, 16 Jan 1994 23:53:46 -0500

Dear Cecilia,

CHEERS to you for the work that you do! I for one think it is great that
you are using your work to empower people. OK, FUTURE HIRING

I too am a feminist anthropologist. I would like for you to understand
that I work with indigenous cultures because I respect the people and
truly care for them. Mexico is my second home, deep in my heart. The
events occuring in Chiapas right now are tearing me to pieces. I plan to
go to South America this summer, and I am not doing it just to collect
data and get a job, that is really a sideline. I am going because I want
to learn from the people, and perhaps give them something back, even if
its just a little museaum, or documentary photos. And I am going so that
I grow personally, and can bring some of the beauty --- and sorrow -- of
indigenous peoples back home, so that I can teach others. That is the
true reason of this anthropologist's thesis research.

Maybe we can meet sometime :)?

Susan Norris