Skeletal/Arch. Evidence of Intrahuman Prehistoric Violence

Sat, 15 Jan 1994 20:01:08 EST

in the Pleistocene and Mesolithic is needed to up-date my 1969
article ("A Survey of the Evidence for Intrahuman Killing in the
Pleistocene," CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY 10(4):427-59 with CA Treatment).
There seem to be plenty of articles with theories about viol-
ence and aggression written since that date -- but few references
to hard data that I can find. What new findings, if any, are out
there? Is anyone else trying to put what new information may
exist into a survey paper? If so, please let me know and I can
save myself a lot of time and effort.
Recent data from cave paintings and petroglyphs is also of
interest if any dating can be reasonably ascribed.
I tried to carry my search for evidence of violence in our
species down through the millenia in the Near East ("Evidence of
Warfare in the Near East from 10,000 - 4,300 BC" in WAR, ITS
CAUSES AND CORRELATES. Edited by Martin Nettleship et al. The
Hague: Mouton. 1975). This too, of course, needs up-dating as
well as any preludes to proto-Indo-European (Kurgan) violence
in Eurasia. So, if anyone knows of evidence of violence in
these areas prior to 7,000 BP please contact me. Thank you.
Marilyn Roper 35 High St., Houlton, Maine 04730 USA