Luchert quote

Michael Dreyfus (TMD5991@ACFCLUSTER.NYU.EDU)
Sat, 15 Jan 1994 15:42:00 -0500

if that is
his definition of religion, I must again refer to the long historical process
of the development of religion. Also, I wouuld have to reiterate what I
mentioned in the first part of my paper (I did send it to you didnt I?).
The universal subjectivity of the ancient Hebrews, or the Byzantines, or whom-
ever does not directly correlate to the "structured relations to greater
than human configurations of reality". In fact, one of the implicit points
of my paper, one that I will try to make more obvious in the future, is that
such an attempt at defining religion as any such THING leads us farther and
farther away from the original subjectivity into a whole new category that
can only be possible becaus eof Enlightenment.
So, I would not say that "RELIGION" is universal, but that the universe was in
a sense RELIGION (not in the panthesistic or sufistic usage); i.e. not to say
that the universe is God or that God is the universe, but that to the extent
that the universe is God's Will manifest, there is nothing other that what is.

Micheal Dreyfus