Re: Active Ethnography

Cecilia Maria B Sardenberg (cecisard@SUNRNP.UFBA.BR)
Sat, 15 Jan 1994 09:35:19 -0200

On Fri, 14 Jan 1994, Reed D Riner wrote:

> Cecilia, I sincerely apologize for 'glossing' most of your reply.
> I get intelorenant of living in a country who's Gvt will
> provide all kinds of "medical support" without compensatory 'birth
> contol' support counseling support in concert. *I* don;t subscribe
> to that. I hope my colleagues will reply in concert!
maybe my English is getting rusty... What country are you talking about?
It couldn't be about mine (Brazil). Here, the government provides no
'medical support' to the poor; however it promotes (undercover) the
massive sterilization of women (particularly black women) ... I do hope
you don't subscribe to this. As to your previous message (reply), all I
have to say is this: it makes a world of difference being a 'native'
anthropologist and somebody who is there just to get data to write a
dissertation to get a job to get tenure , etc...