Fri, 14 Jan 1994 16:41:22 MST


I have been following the revelation thread with some interest.
I am particularly fascinated with the mind-brain concept.

I believe that a concept of conciousness can exist without reference
to a specific material construction (for humans that material
construction would be the organic brain). The attempts to create
artificially intelligent computers based on non-organic materials
seems to indicate at least a belief that conciousness may be created
without the specific hardware present in humans. To take this to its
extreme, one might argue that if conciousness remains the same thing
regardless of the hardware supporting it then the conciousness(or
mind) exists separately from specific hardware involved.

This is not to say that this conciousness can exist without hardware
to support it. I merely hold that conciousness can exist regardless
of what hardware is supporting it.
Ben Passmore
University of Texas at El Paso
Bitnet: ae10@utep.bitnet