Re: Nelson & Yee

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 13:43:00 PST

On Dec. 18 Mike ? quotes my posting of Dec. 17:

" many of
> those who argue against a scientific anthropology fall into the trap of
> equating what science is with the logical postivists view of science and in
> fact critique the errors of the latter believing they are highlighting the
> limitations of the former.
and writes:

"... Is this not the point? How can you separate the practice of science with
its theory."

While one may not want to separte the practice of science with its theory,
the point I was making is that the logical positivists were neither
practiciners of science nor science theorists, but philosophers attempting to
provide a formal account of what constitutes scientific argumentation.
That they may have been in error in their formal account says nothing about
the legitimacy and/or efficacy of scientific argumentation.

D. Read