Call for Papers

Tue, 11 Jan 1994 15:43:46 -0500

"Beyond Dialogue: Synthesizing Effective Psychosocial and
Biomedical Strategies for Healthy Families in the 21st Century"

November 11-13, 1994
University Conference Center
Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Goal: To link psychosocial and biomedical research, policy, and
intervention to improve strategies to decrease the morbidity and
mortality among Americans. The conference will link the
objectives of Healthy People 2000, the United Nations'
International Year of the Family, and Vice President Albert
Gore's Family Reunion initiatives.

* Focus: (1) The correlational and causative relationships *
* among health/injury/disease1, the dynamics of family2 *
* relationships, community and societal issues3, and population *
* membership4, (2) effective interventions which strengthen *
* family relationships or improve community and governmental *
* responses to families, and 3) the role of ethnicity, gender, *
* and social class in planning effective health promotion and *
* disease prevention programs. Research relevant to high risk *
* ethnic groups, such as African Americans and Hispanics, will *
* be given high priority. *
* *

1 HEALTH ISSUES +Cancer+Cardiovascular Disease/Hypertension
+Chronic Disability+Environmental Safety and Health+Health
Promotion+Health Care Access and Long Term Care+HIV/AIDS/Other
Sexually Transmitted Diseases+Homicide+Infant Mortality+Mental
Health/Mental Illness+Nutrition+Occupational Safety and Health
+Prescription Medication and Other Substance Abuse+Stress+Suicide

2 FAMILY ISSUES +Date and Acquaintance Assault+Dating+Family
Planning and Reproductive Health+Family Assault+Inter-
generational Relationships+Marriage+Marriage Enrichment
+Parenting Education+Premarital Education+Recreation
+Separation and Divorce+Sexuality Education+Widowhood

Ethnocentricsm/Conflicts in Assimilation & Acculturation+Family
Structure+Government+Homophobia+Mass Communications Media+Moral

4 POPULATIONS +Infants+Children+Adolescents+Young Adults
+Middle Adults+Elders+Diverse Sexual Orientations+Diverse Racial
Groups+Diverse Ethnic Groups+Diverse Social Classes+Males+Females

Presenters: Researchers, Scholars, and Practitioners are invited
to submit proposals for papers to be presented at an inter-
disciplinary conference on families and health.

* Conference proceedings will be published. *
* *

Target Audience: Attorneys, Clergy, Dieticians, Educators,
Family Life Educators, Journalists, Policy Makers in Business,
Government, and Labor, Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, and
Social Workers.

Format: A panel of three presenters will report their research to
an audience, then engage in round-table discussion with the panel
and the audience. Each round-table will convene for 90 minutes,
with each presenter having 20 minutes for their formal
presentation. A total of 16 round-tables will convene during the
2+-day conference. In addition, lunch-time focus groups will
assemble to discuss research, practice, and policy issues.

* Guidelines for Submission *

+ Title page including: title of paper, identification of
author(s)- full name, highest degree, credentials, job title,
place of employment, complete work address, telephone number, FAX
number, identification of primary presenter to whom
correspondence should be addressed. Submit 5 copies.

+ Abstract including: title of paper, no identification of
author(s), 250 word abstract of the paper, double spaced on
8+"x11" paper. Submit 5 copies.

+ Deadline: Proposals must be postmarked by March 31, 1994.

+ Mail submissions to:

Family Conference Planning Committee
c/o Harriet Rodenberg
University Place Conference Center
850 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5198

+ To facilitate publication of proceedings, papers must be
completed at the time of presentation. Maximum length for the
body of the paper is 5,000 words.