Re: Our Association (AAA)

Kathy Heldenbrand (heldenbk@GROVE.UFL.EDU)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 23:16:11 -0500

At 2:22 PM 2/22/96, SS51000 wrote:
>I share the disappointment of many anthropologists--and aspiring
>anthropologists--with the recent reorientation of *American
>Anthropologist*. Many anthropologists I respect have left the
>association, and it sounds like many more are considering doing so.
>Some, such as Melvin and Carol Ember, are even exploring the possibility
>of forming a new professional organization (under the ad hoc name,
>"Committee for Empirical Anthropology"). While I share their concerns,
>I am not ready to abandon the AAA ship. Here is a venerable
>organization that has served us well since anthropology's emergence as a
>distinct scholarly discipline. It offers membership rates that, though
>perhaps seeming high absolutely, are very modest for a major
>professional affiliation; and substantially lower rates are available
>for students. I urge all those who think of themselves as professional
>anthropologists, or hope soon to think so of themselves, to join (or
>rejoin). I say: fork over the fee, make your feelings known, and try to
>be optimistic about the future of general anthropology: things are bad
>enough already! --Bob Graber

I think Bob hit it on the head. It is OUR Association (and OUR AA). Why
bail out when it has been and can be again the arena where all subdivisions
(or categories, or whatever you want to call them) can be accessible to all
of us.

Also, there was a comment made that the association has succumbed to the
younger members' wishes (pressuure?) with regard to its content and focus
(I don't recall the exact comment, there have been so many. Please forgive
me if I've misrepresented to comment). While I am not chronologically
'young', I am a 'young' anthropologist. I am spending quite a bit of my
own money on this new education. It seems so disheartening to read some of
the comments made by the established anthropologists about the discipline
and the Association. It makes me wonder just what I'm getting myself into.

Kathy Heldenbrand
University of Florida