cadence calls

Gerry Waite (00gewaite@BSUVC.BSU.EDU)
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 16:51:55 -0500

As an Infantry grunt of 60's origin and later basic training company commander
I wanted to inject a few thoughts on the Jody strand. I haven't
seen all the posts relating to the thread-but the last two or three caught
my eye for obvious reasons. I don't remeber any cadence calls that were
resistant in any way ---Mainly because they serve as mantras---
sort of say it do it-- The people who teach these often put a lot of care
into content(not that it's a formal thing) but they have a lot of
purposes that they fulfil---keeping ones mind off your current pain--
motivation--(negative OR positive) --comraderie- probably many
others- The military is more politically correct now but the underlying
purposes that you are training people for are basically the same-
that's to rape plunder and kill-- to dehumanize the "other" in any way
possible --- Anyone who mistakenly thinks the military is about peace
needs only look at the content of cadence calls past and present
Within the past few years I've heard the new and improved versions
as they relate to camel jockeys - sand n------s and Sadaam---they
haven't changed much except to try and include females in a
different role- hence the more objectionable sexest phrasing has
passed by the way. Any way that's my 2 cents worth for this Saturday
later ya'll Gerry