Re: Iroquois and the Constitution -Reply

Eric Geer (ericgeer@MINDSPRING.COM)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 14:29:18 -0500

At 01:55 PM 2/8/96 -0500, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

>politics here becoming more andmore reactionary. I had heard the same
>thing: that native Americans preferred to be called "American Indians."

>> Americans". On what basis do you think we should
>> reject the most preferred term of the group in
>> question to prioritize some other term like "Native
>> American".
>> Richley Crapo

ummm... Without taking any part in the general debate on the list, may I
point out that you are on very slippery ground here. The "majority" of
women would not agree with the extent and sweep of your de-gendering of
English, would they?

Eric Geer