Job announcement

Thomas Fillitz (thomas.fillitz@UNIVIE.AC.AT)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 16:29:57 +0100

This is an official Job announcement of the University of Vienna


The Institute of Social Anthropology (Institut fuer Voelkerkunde) of the
Basic and Integrative Sciences Faculty (Grund- und
Integrativwissenschaftliche Fakultaet) at the University of Vienna
announces the vacancy of the post of

Full Professor for Social- and Cultural Anthropology
(Ordentliche/r Universitaetsprofessor/in fuer Voelkerkunde)
(Former Chair of Professor Dostal)

with the effect of the winter term 1996/97 (1st of october 1996).

Necessary qualifications and requirements:

1) An adequate University Degree (PhD, Dr);

2) Venia docendi in Social Anthropology (Voelkerkunde) or adequate
qualification (Senior Lecturer, Doctorat d'Etat);

3) Proof of pedagogic skills.

Applicants should cover the area of

+ Theory in Anthropology (Social and Cultural Anthropology, with an
emphasis on current theoretical approaches) in research and teaching.

Desired specialization:

+ Anthropology of the Middle East,
+ Experience in field-research,
+ Proof of language competency in Arabic, or Persian, or Turkish.

German profeciency is required.

The University of Vienna aims to improve its quota of women academic staff
members, and therefore especially calls on women to apply for the post.

Applications (including curriculum vitae, list of publications, etc.) have
to be submitted before **April 15, 1996** at the following address:

Dekanat der
Grund- und Integrativwissenschaftlichen Fakultaet
der Universitaet Wien
Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 1
A-1010 Vienna

Thomas Fillitz Institut fuer Voelkerkunde University of Vienna
Universitaetsstrasse 7 / 4
A - 1010 Vienna / Austria
Fax: 0043 -1- 406 96 66