Re: Declaration of Indigenous Peoples on Genome Project

Ania Lian (ania@LINGUA.CLTR.UQ.OZ.AU)
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 11:23:13 +1000

If we agree that humans are part of enviroment, then we cannot deny humans
the right to influence the enviroment, just like we cannot deny the
asteroid the right to hit the Earth, or elephants to eat all the greenery
in Africa.

These very changes in all levels of enviroment create the future and
created the world and us the way we are. There is no TRUTH as there is no
principle of harmony. Harmony is subjective. If one accepts the the
disappearance of dinosauruses was a part of harmony then disapearance of
all humans (if ever) should also be regraded as part of this harmony.
Simply, if we agree that we should not intervene in "the natural order" of
things, WHO SAYS that what humans do IS NOT within this natural order.

".. destruction, western, colonization.." only "God" knows where we would
be today had it not been for colonization, in Saranghetti?? or maybe in
the Babel tower? destruction did not start with "the Western civilization"
but it's a part of the"natural order": some things appear some other

Btw: *indigenous people* of Western hemisphere??????????? How could they
be *indigenous* to the western hemisphere? Do they belong to a specie that
anthropologist have no clue about so far? They mean that they ALWAYS WERE
THERE?? There, this is a great chance to all the anthropologists to work on
this western hemisphere *indigenous* people and as for the rest of us, we
not indigenous, we excuse ourselves for having colonised the Eastern

What a dogmatic mail this was on educational networks. I think the members
of the organisation which issued that c..p should go home and rethink at
least their argumentats.

ania lian