Help! I'm in need of an internet interviewn interview w/ an

Molly Anne Kenney (makenney@UNITY.NCSU.EDU)
Tue, 28 Feb 1995 12:38:13 -0500

To recipients of anthro-L;
I am a student at N. Carolina State Univeristy, and at this time taking
a class in applied anthropology. One of our assignments is to get on the
internet and conduct an interview with two applied anthropologists working in a
university. It would be of great help if someone fit into this category and
could take a few minutes to answer some questions. I would greatly appreciate
any help that I could get.

1)What is applied research in anthropology and how is it different from
non-applied research?

2)How does applied anthropology contribute to and benefit from "pure research"?

3)How did you get into applied anthropology?

4)What are the key ethical issues that an applied anthropologist should keep in
mind as s/he does her/his work?

5)Erve Chambers has written that the principal role of applied anthropology
should be in applied policy. Do you agree?