Business education and anthro B.A.

John Mcreery (jlm@TWICS.COM)
Mon, 27 Feb 1995 22:12:51 JST

Tibor Benkes suggests that,

"So until the average business graduate learns
who Boas was and what the Kula ring is, maybe we can postpone the business
"education" of anthropology undergraduates. Or, perhaps as a compromise, a
course in the anthropology of capitalist elites could be offered."

Privately, I have replied that,

"The devil you know is a much more tractable devil. 'Tis not to me an
either/or situation. By all means Boas and the Kula ring, and the accounting
and marketing, too; so people who critique the West don't fall into an
occidentalism every bit as debilitating as the orientalism that stereotypes
the 'native'."

I would query, too, the ethics of graduating students into a world where
anthropology alone is no way to make a living without a graduate degree (at
that, for those who are exceptionally brilliant or lucky). Especially since
anthropology plus something else is a very good education indeed.


John McCreery