Need advice on a PhD program:w/ Australian Aboriginal

Amanda Katherin Lambert (LAMBERT@UTKVX.UTK.EDU)
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 09:58:29 -0500

Anthro listers:

I am in need of some advice about PhD programs...
I would like to study the socio-political and cultural climate of
Aborignies in Australia. I would like to either (1) attend a school in the
U.S. which has a culture area concentration in Aust. Abor. culture and
offers field work opportunities in Australia; (2) Attend and Australian
Univeristy thoughout my degree seeking process; or (3) Find a program in
the U.S. which would allow me to co-op between an Austrailan university and
an US university.

Does anyone know of a program that would let me do any of these things? I
would be most appreciative of any and all suggestions. Thank you in
advance. university of tennessee, knoxville graduate student
in anthropology