NEW: SNUFFIT-L - The Church of Euthanasia

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SNUFFIT-L on LISTSERV@NETCOM.COM - The Church of Euthanasia

SNUFFIT-L is a moderated list, and is primarily used to distribute
the electronic version of the Church of Euthanasia's quarterly
journal (Snuff It) as well as the weekly inspirational "e-sermons."
The Church of Euthansia was founded in 1992 to help restore balance
between the human species and the other forms of life currently
manifested on this plane of existence, through total DADA.

Frequent topics include:

- The four pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism & sodomy.
- Save the planet, kill yourself.
- Eat people, not animals.
- Thank you for not breeding.
- Prevent AIDS: aim for the chin.
- Voluntary human extinction.
- Americans must die to save the planet.
- The octopus and other tentacles.
- Efficiency = death.

The list is fully archived at the U.Michigan ETEXT archives,
and is also available (in full color) on the world-wide web:

ftp: /pub/Zines/Snuffit
gopher: Zines/Snuffit

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