BAs in Anthropology, Applied anthropology

Richard L. Warms (RW04@SWT.EDU)
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 09:33:01 -0600

I've been following the discussion of fieldwork and undergraduate anthropology
with interest and I have a few related questions:

1) Does anyone have good information on what people with BAs in anthropology
actually do? The only thing I know about is a survey done in the mid 1980s by
the NEAA that was briefly reported in the Newsletter. Are there departments
out there that keep good comprehensive records on the careers of their
graduates? What do they find?

2) How many programs are there out there that actually offer a legitimate BA or
MA in applied anthropology? I know, big problems with the word legitimate. I
would suggest that legitimate should include several courses that have some
aspect of applied anthropology as their central theme and focus on the specific
techniques for the application of anthropology to this theme. I would also imagine a
legitimate applied anthro program to include an internship. For programs that
fit these criteria, how successful have they been at placing graduates? What
percentage of their graduates hold positions in applied anthropology?

Can anyone out there help me out?


Rich Warms
Southwest Texas State University