Re: Justice in America

Thomas W. Rimkus (trimkus@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 08:14:33 -0600

On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, Robert Johnson wrote:
> Why can't an Afro-American with even the fame and wealth of
> O.J. Simpson get a fair trial in America?

Don't get the trial of a wealthy superstar (who probably has more money to
throw at the court than the city of LA) mixed up with the obvious
inequities of the court system in cases involving poverty level blacks.
He's getting a "fair" trial compared to what most whites would without his
resources. You are falling into the same racial trap you seem to be
referencing. His race does not determine his guilt but his money might.

> Why are the police allowed to criminally violate O.J. Simpson's
> constitutional rights?
Since when has constitutional rights had anything to do with the inept
gathering of crime scene data? His lawyers are perfectly capable of
insuring that his constitutinal rights are not violated.

> How has the collusion developed between the "white liberal" social
> worker industry and the racist police force in L.A.?
What are you talking about? Simson is a documented wife beater,
does that mean the social workers (most social workers in LA that I have
met were non-white) on the case are racist?

What you really seem to support is Simpson's constitutional rights to
beat his wife, maybe murder her, and then hire a nest of the best lawyers in
the world to prove his constituional rights have been violated. The name
of their game from the beginning has been "avoid the evidence" at all cost.