Request for help

James Carrier (James.Carrier@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 13:26:18 +0000

23 February, 1995

Dear Folks,

Josh Levene, a university student, is interested in becoming involved
with the Overseas Training Programme, newly established by the UK
organisation VSO. The OTP has been set up to fund and coordinate
placements in developing countries for young British students for a
period of up to a year. It also provides an opportunity for them to use
their experiences on their return to the UK by undertaking a "Development
Education Project". This might involve compiling a slide pack, writing
articles or giving lectures to interested parties; basically contributing
something to the work of an existing "Development Education Centre" in
the UK.
Trainees such as Josh will be fully funded and partly trained by
the Overseas Training Programme.
One aspect of the involvement for Josh consists in locating (and
getting attached to) an existing service project. He has approached me
for help in locating projects that might want someone like his as a
Josh has no specific geographical areas of interest. However, he
has organised the local student branch of Amnesty International, which
should give you an idea of his social and political orientation and of
his initiative.
If anyone knows of a project that might want Josh for a
volunteer, or has any ideas of avenues he could pursue, I would be
grateful for the information, which I will pass on to Josh. (He is not on
e-mail yet, though is getting there.)
Thanks in advance.


James G. Carrier
Durham Anthropology / 43, Old Elvet / Durham DH1 3HN