missing the point

Hugh Jarvis (C129QP43@UBVM.BITNET)
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 01:37:52 EST

John, do I have to spell it out...? Yes, anything could be made
relevant to anthropology if you try hard enough. But that is not the
point. SOme things are just naturally already quite relevant. A
struggle between two ethnic groups within one society is by nature
anthropological. Once country's coping with a natural disaster is
not, unless you go into a detailed analysis of what is occuring,
which the general "news" reports on the Net were not. Which example
are you most likely to draw on in an introductory course about
anthropology....? I'm not talking about the venting of political
feelings per se. The point you missed was an oblique reminder to the
subscribers of anthro-l that while we do not have a strictly enforced
focus, we all have a duty to attempt to bring all our discussions
back to an anthropological theme. These repeated allegations of
sexism, racism, gringoism, americanism, and so on are inhibiting the
majority of us from attaining what should be the great rewards of such
a large assembly of minds from so many different arenas that anthro-l
represents! Why do people have to keep assuming everyone is a closet
racist? Because I have a cat around the house, does that mean I hate
parakeets?? Come on, let's get with it here, everyone!

A very disgruntled listowner.

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