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Hi People - the following announcement may be of interest to QUALRS-L

Chris Morgan (Editor, Critical Social Justice Papers series)


Notice of the Creation of the Centre for Social and Welfare Research and
the Northern Australia Social Research Institute

The Centre for Social and Welfare Research (CSAWR) was established in 1994
to conduct research and consultancies on social issues; produce and
disseminate reports, papers and manuscripts; contribute to public debate;
contribute to education programs; provide training courses; and to
facilitate and assist research and scholarship throughout Northern
Australia. CSAWR has a broad multi disciplinary base and is based in the
Departments of Psychology and Sociology, Anthropology and Archaeology, and
Social Work and Community Welfare at both the Townsville and Cairns
campuses. Dr Brian Cheers is the Director and there are four Associate
Directors, representative of constituent Departments.

CSAWR is one of the research centres affiliated with the Northern Australia
Social Research Institute (NASRI). Other Centres are located at the
Northern Territory University and Hedland College. We anticipate that a
fourth Centre at Central Queensland University may affiliate in the near
future. CSAWR provides the secretariat for NASRI.

In 1994 NASRI was awarded a DEET grant of $250,000 to conduct a number of
projects. AS a result of this grant, CSAWR now has an active publishing
program, maintains a clearing house, and is developing a social demographic
data base, and a data base of welfare services and social development
activities throughout Northern Australia.

Publications include a Newsletter, Critical Social Justice Papers and the
Research Report and Monograph Series. Manuscripts for consideration in
these publication series are being actively sought. For details of
subscription rates for these publications please contact

Kaye Jackowski
Centre for Social and Welfare Research
James Cook University of North Queensland
Ph: 077 814309
e-mail jcu.csawr@jcu.edu.au


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