Re: Does a BA "Make" an Anthropologist?

Cheryl Williams (cwilliam@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 21:25:17 -0500

You made a very important point Dr. Sabloff. I think that the purpose
behind introducing students to the field experience, is to have a prof. that
may be presently involved in a research project. There must be at least one
prof in every dept. that is doing some sort of ongoing research.... I
don't know... I am just guessing.
Or if there isn't, then maybe one could be hired/appointed to teach these
At USF, we do have a methods course... taught by Br. Baer ( a medical ant.).
Her students use the library and community for data collection. The
purpose is to really incorporate the great field experiene, and of
course the methodology... I assume.
But again the course is not a requirement. It is simply an upper level
elective. Why isn't it required? That is my argument. How can changes be
made to make that sort of course a requirement? If everyone thinks it's
truly important.
Advice needed.

Cheryl Williams

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Paula L Sabloff wrote:

> Question: I agree that fieldwork experience on the undergrad as well as
> grad level is important and, frankly, I teach research methods with a
> heavy component of field experience on both levels myself. I also teach
> the applied anthro course. [Here, at last, is the question:] But if the
> faculty member is not herself engaged in an applied project in which
> students can be incorporated, is there not an ethical danger in sending
> them into the community themselves to conduct APPLIED research? How
> would one handle such a situation? Paula Sabloff