Shulamith Firestone; Ralph Holloway; Sexual Dimorphism

Mon, 20 Feb 1995 18:35:08 PST

Before someone goes into the archives to find the Holloway/Rohrlich posts, I just
want to say that I am *absolutely* *100%* *positive* that Ralph Holloway did not
say anything about Shulamith Firestone. I have been following very closely what
has been written by Holloway, and I was shocked to see the shulamith firestone
quip attributed to him.

Incidentally, I was also shocked to see Ruby Rohrlich attack him since in his post
concerning the Sexual Dimorphism article, he said nothing about whether the male
or female brain was superior or inferior. Even in his followup post, to a
question by Foss, he merely restated some ongoing research on sexual dimorphism.
Nowhere in his posts, in his literature, or even in the original NYT article, has
anything been said about who has better brains -- just different brains, and even
that must be taken with a grain of salt since there is so much overlap.

Now I hope that this Firestone misattribution gets cleared up because it is really
distressing to see someone attacked for something they did not say. With all due
respect, people should be more careful about how they make accusations. We are
not merely flaming computers, but actually people.

Spencer Lehv.

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