Re: What's appropriate mate

Fiona Moore (al772@FREENET.CARLETON.CA)
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 17:51:26 -0500

>What are you talking about? Backwood networks? U.S. centrism in the
>anthro-l (and net). I haven't heard of this before, really.

At the risk of leaping into something I shouldn'tt (I'm just back on the
list after six weeks' absence), as a Canadian I do notice a certain amount
of U.S. -centrism on anthro-l. I don't mean that it is at all
U.S supremacist, just that most of the people on it seem to be Americans
(forgive my use of the term; I don't like U.S.ians, it is an awkward
phrase), many of the perspectives are U.S.-centred, most of the
publications and conferences mentioned are American (see above) etc. It is
actually the sort of thing I notice a lot, as a Canadian; most of the
textbooks in my courses are American, the publications I get are largely
American, most of the movies, books and TV programmes I am aware of are
I don't think this is an intolerable situation--I'm sure the
ancient Gauls must have felt a bit fed up at times with the amount of
Roman culture landing on their doorsteps in the days of the Roman
Empire--but many Americans express surprise when I bring this up ("what,
really?") or other responses which I like less ("well, you guys are
practically Americans anyway, what are you complaining about?" which I
sincerely hope was a joke). Then again, maybe I am just being an utter
chauvininst about this. As usual.

Fiona Moore

"Quamquam frangi mani mei essetis, tamen transfixam ciberducem"