Re: Does a BA "Make" an Anthropologist?

Cindy Moravec (cmoravec@RISD.EDU)
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 14:43:38 -0500

I am not an anthropologist but would like to go back to school in the Fall
of 1996 to finish my BA in Anthropology.

Please excuse my neophyte question but my interests in anthropology do not
lie in doing field work abroad. Do all anthropological studies rely in
doing work abroad? Is that the only way to be considered an "anthropologist?"

I am interested in genetics vs. behavior and I am also interested in
family relationships and how they translate in work relationships,
intimate relationships, etc.

After lurking on the list for a while, I am not even sure that this can be
considered anthropology.

Can anyone provide me with some (positive ) feedback. Any information
would be helpful.


Cynthia Moravec (who is more than just a little confused at this point)

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Cheryl Williams (ANT) wrote:

> In response to the post on feildwork as a requirement in the undergrad
> program.
> Well, indeed I feel it should be. Here at U. of South Florida, we will
> have our first feildschool abroad in Trinidad West Indies this summer.
> Many students are excited, especially the ones who plan to attend grad
> school. But, what about the ones who don't? Shouldn't they be required to
> have the field training anyway.....
> Cheryl