Re: Sexual dimoprhism in human brain...

Thomas W. Rimkus (trimkus@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 23:52:38 -0600

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

> You apparently read only my posting and not Holloway's original one, where
> after discussing the asymmetry of the male brain, he then said something
> like "I wonder what the followers of Shulamith Firestone would say to that".
> This woman is a pioneer feminist; what is Holloway doing bringing her
> into a discussion of the assymetry of the male brain, except
> woman-baiting in some perverse way. I would suggest that, since you
> ackcnowledge, I believe, the oppression of women, that you at least
> become acquainted with the two sides of an issue before you hold forth on
> the special responsibilites of women anthropologists. I don't think
> these responsibilities are any more special than those of male
> anthropologists. Ruby Rohrlich.
Is the truth according to Shulamith Firestone and her followers somehow held
above or outside the realm of scrutiny? Is this goddess stuff? If male
anthropologists become emotional about some issue to the detriment of their
objectivity, then by all means, they are not holding to the special
responsibilities of their profession, but I thought I already said that.