Re: Sexual dimoprhism in human brain...

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 20:28:34 PST

On Feb. 19, Ruby Rohrlich asked me directly, with a copy to the

>Are you implying that the asymmetry of the male brain makes it wuperior
>to the female brain? Or is this conclusion that you're sticking into the
>middle of a scientific finding another example of your woman-baiting?
>Ruby Rohrlich

I assume "wuperior" is supposed to mean "superior". Now we
definitely know who is inferior in spelling. I hasten to add
that I'm not linking her inferiority here to her gender which I
assume is female- though sometimes I wonder if she's trying to
create a third one.

The only statement I previously made on this topic said nothing
regarding superior or inferior as related to gender. It reminds
me of the old adage of the lawyer asking the defendant, "Why do
you beat your wife?" For those who haven't heard it and would
like some clarification- the lawyer has to first show that the
man has beat his wife. The assumed context of the adage is that
it has not been shown. Furthermore, suppose the man doesn't beat
his wife, how is he to answer the question?

So, all you bad men out there, why do you beat women?