Re: Two Meanings in "American" (fwd)

Bret Diamond (diam9018@TAO.SOSC.OSSHE.EDU)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 20:05:18 -0800

> Sorry Ben!
> I was (and still am I suppose) merely being somewhat sarcastic with my
> suggestion that "American" is easier than "United Statesian." I am aware
> of course that there are other issues here,(at least to some people) but
> as I said in my first posting, sometimes I think we take these things a little
> too seriously. If memory serves me correctly, we are the youngest country in
> the Americas (I just know someone's going to correct me on this!) thus logic
> would dictate that if the other countries in the Americas wanted the name
> "American" that they would use it. Did "we" make this term up, or did the
> long arm of U.S. Imperialism actually "steal" this designation from another
> country? Does someone from Chiapas refer to themselves as a"Chiapian?"
> >From Montreal a "Montrealian?" I don't think so. They of course refer to
> themselves as Mexican and Canadian (respectively)
> Having lived in Central and South America for six years, (thanks
> anyway for the Spanish lesson Travis J.) I have really never encountered
> anyone thast got real upset with us using "American." When I'm abroad, I
> usually introduce myself as an "Oregonian," this seems more appropriate
> (and certainly a little more exotic) than just saying I'm from "the States."
> One last thought, do people who live in New Mexico get upset becuase they
> can't call themselves Mexican?