Re: What's appropriate mate

Anthro Students (anthro.students@ANTHROPOLOGY.SU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 13:48:19 +1000

Travis Garrett Jackson wrote in response to my posting....

>What are you talking about? Backwood networks? U.S. centrism in the
>anthro-l (and net). I haven't heard of this before, really.

I knew I'd get flamed for this one but I thought it would make more sense.

I guess you are either being sarcastic, or you you really haven't heard of
this before. The first doesn't make sense because you appear to have a strange
sense of sarcasm that doesn't have much in common with mine. If you really
haven't heard of this sort of thing before, I must say, you've suprised me.

>who are you to decide who cares or not? Welcome to higher education
>where we learn to separate between personal rhetoric and argument. If
>you have a point, make it. Don't shovel some sophomoric attempt
>at condescending sarcasm.

I thought I had made a point, not a very elaborate one I must say but...
Personally I kind of prefer a bit of a mixture between personal rhetoric and
argument, I find it works better in my context.

I presume your reference to "sophomoric" is an attempt to denigrate what you
percieve to be my junior status. We don't have sophomore's here. Kindly


John Cook