Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 20:12:08 CST

line or trap to catch a fish or prey animal. Why bring this up, well, because
the most taboo, unthinkable, unspeakable take on the Ralph vs Ruby, Ruby vs
Ralph posts is, "There must be some *chemistry* between these two!" Of course
there is not, but think about it, which of course nobody has. Which is why it's
unthinkable, why else.

Has Ralph met Danger in the guise of a Beautiful Woman, the sly Circe
crafting her snare to lure him to Doom and Destruction in the Cavernous
tooth-lined Pit? Has Ruby's weakness, a possible fondness for Rough Posts,
been sniffed out by the Mighty Hunter, who Stalks the spoor of his Quarry,
ready to unsheathe his Shaft, readying aim to sink it into her Quivering

No chance. But just the faintest possibility I'll add another layer of
fantasy and confusion, just perhaps render all parties to the original
dispute too *embarassed* to go on with it. Recalling that February 29 is
Paranoid History Month this year, one must once again seek to unite all
the Normals against us, rather, me, since you, plural, don't have Robert
Johnson to kick around any more.

Don't mind me, unthunk the unthunkable again, go on with whatever you
are doing as if you never read this, there's nothing to it, I assure you.
Whether there was anything to the original dispute, or not, is not for me
to say, anyway, who am I to argue against Normals having the argument they
want to have, arguably, so I shoulda kept my nose out, why bother.

Daniel A. Foss