Re: "Two meanings in "american"

William Bangs (wbbangs@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 17:14:45 -0800

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Bret Diamond wrote:

> Sometimes I really think that we over-analyze things... At the
> risk of being politically incorrect, might I suggest that we call
> ourselves "Americans" simply because it sounds a hell of a lot better than
> "United Statesians?!" Anybody?
-- An EXCELLENT idea! Might we also let this thread peter out in favor
of more interesting topics?

Ben Bangs

We each must decide which values are worth saving,
which satisfactions are worth sacrificing,
what ultimately we wish from life.

I fear many do not give this proposition
the sufficient thought it deserves:
until they become too engrained in a superficial life,
too far removed to find such harmony again...