Re: Sexual dimoprhism in human brain...

Thomas W. Rimkus (trimkus@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 12:53:18 -0600

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

> Apparently, Ralph, you would like to erase your initial comment, to which
> you meant to provoke a reaction? What is there about your psyche that you
> cannot refrain
> from woman-baiting as the conclusion to a scientific statement.
> Poor Ralph, you are more to be pitied than blamed. Ruby Rohrlich
This may be left brain, assymetric stuff, but please include the passages
from Ralph L Holloway's posting so that we can all decide who is baiting
whom. Women in the field of Anthropology have a very special obligation
to avoid letting their feeling of oppression (which in many cases is
based in reality) influence their professional credibility. Terms such
as "woman-baiting" do little to further objective debate. My advice is
to get to the issue and see if anything is there which adds to
understanding the differences in the way the genders react to the