Call for Papers

Donald Thomas Hanna (dthanna@ACS.UCALGARY.CA)
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 17:48:30 MST

This conference will focus on our role as 'archaeologists in the public realm'.
We have entered into a new era in our discipline. In order to remain viable, we
must develop an effective strategy to contend with the financial realities of
the present, and bridge the gap between research and public education.

In North America, as elsewhere, financial resources available to archaeology
are being cut, and archaeologists have been forced into a more defensive role
to preserve both their positions and the viability of their research. In spite
of wide-spread fascination of archaeology, we have not been terribly successful
in selling ourselves to the public. As jobs in the traditional areas
(universities and museums) become scarcer, archaeologists are slowly beginning
to look at other areas of employment, including interpretive centres, tourism
and development, consulting and cultural resource management.
Through this topic, we can learn from the achievements of established
programmes, and draw on the experience of other archaeologists. This conference
will provide a forum to discuss what public archaeology is, what our function
is, and how we are going to successfully balance our research goals with the

Sessions are tentatively scheduled as follows: Archaeology and Education;
Archaeology and Museums - Taking Museums Back to the Public; Archaeology and
the Media; Archaeology and Developing Nations; Cultural Resource Management;
Ownership of the Past; The Crow Canyon Project; Forensics and Public
Archaeology; Cultural Tourism; Archaeology and Pseudoscience; Consultants in
Archaeology; and Archaeologists and Indigenous Groups - South and Latin


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If you are interested in chairing a session, whether it be one of the above
sessions or a different topic, please contact Lesley Nicholls at (403)
220-7131, or by fax or E-mail. Please note the following deadlines:

Deadline for Abstracts: May 1, 1995
Deadline for Session Chairs: March 1,1995

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