Re: Taussig and Mimesis (again)

Warren Sproule (Warren.Sproule@SOCIOL.UTAS.EDU.AU)
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 16:52:37 +0200

On Doug Dalton's last post [2/17], coincidentally I only just asked Danny
Yee about retrieval of the former list-thread on Taussig from (I think)
mid-last year. I likewise couldn't get hold of it (despite Danny's helpful
and clear instructions). I've only just started reading T for my own
purposes and would welcome the type of discussion Doug suggests, either
on-line or back-channel. My first impression of 'M & A' is *very*
favourable, but I also recall some heat being generated by the first
discussion, and would be most interested in a quick rehash of the pros and