New Archaeology Gopher - Calgary

Scott MacEachern (maceache@ACS.UCALGARY.CA)
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 09:55:10 MST


The Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary is
pleased to announce the establishment of a departmental Gopher
site. The site presents a great deal of information concerning
the Department of Archaeology and the activities of our faculty
members and students, as well as data on research in progress
both within and outside of Canada. Our departmental interests are
international and cross-disciplinary; we have included reports on
archaeological research in the Canadian Arctic, Central and West
Africa, the American Southwest and South America. Future
additions to directories for research notes, monographs,
bibliographies and other material will provide source materials
for archaeological and ethnoarchaeological research.

Graduate and undergraduate course listings, a description of our
field school, notes on faculty research interests, a list of
theses and dissertations completed since the Department of
Archaeology was established and a Departmental phone book provide
a valuable resource for students who might be interested in
entering the Archaeology programme at the University of Calgary,
as well as people more generally interested in what we do. A
short history of the Department of Archaeology will soon be
available as well. Our Department is a sociable place, so we have
included information on the lectures and parties taking place
this term, for those of you who might be in a position to attend.

We have also included information on Chacmool, the Archaeology
Association of the University of Calgary, and on its activities.
Chacmool hosts an internationally-recognized annual conference on
topics of theoretical and methodological interest to
archaeologists, and publishes the proceedings of each conference.
Uniquely, the enterprise is organized and carried out by graduate
and undergraduate students in the Department. Details of the
1995 Conference, and information on past conferences and on the
publications still in print are all available.

The address of the Department of Archaeology Gopher is; look for the /Department of Archaeology
listing under /Faculty and Department Information in the root
directory. We welcome your comments; please direct them to or

Don Hanna
Scott MacEachern