Re: What's appropriate material for anthro-l? (was Re: Marcial

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 01:39:32 +1000

I wasn't going to reply to this, but, as you all know, I'm loath to
drop things.

> Danny, I would suggest you get the advice of a constitutional
> lawyer on this matter. This is an open forum on the subject of
> anthropology on U.S. government funded internet. It is subject
> to provisions in the U.S. Constitution as well as U.S. Civil
> Rights Act. This new change in your thinking could conflict
> with your obligations in this matter.

I have *no* such obligations; I am not a US citizen and am not
resident in the US. Nothing in the US constitution or the US Civil
Rights Act is relevant to me. The Internet is not US government
funded. Some of the networks which make it up may be, but that is
a different kettle of fish entirely; as someone recently pointed
out in alt.culture.internet, you could take the entire US out of the
Internet and it would continue to function quite happily, albeit with
lots of resources (like this list) no longer accessibe.

I find it amazing that someone who is so concerned to stress the rights
of indigenous peoples should reach for the US Constitution as if it
were universally applicable. Marius Johnston did exactly the same thing
not so long ago, but that wasn't so surprising.

> I for one, in consideration
> of the blood spilt from Yorktown to Gettysberg to Little Bighorn,
> would be very careful in any matter even remotely akin to
> censorship.

I wasn't aware that any of the battles you mention were fought for
freedom of speech, and would question why they are any more relevant
to the topic than (say) the battle at the Eureka Stockade (the closest
thing Australia had to a Civil War) or the battles Aboriginal groups
fought during the occupation of Australia by the English. (Less
dramatic than native American resistance, but even less well known.)

> If there are those who wish to have or discuss
> anthropology in an environment which permits discrimination
> against anyones views, then I suggest they create their own list.

You seem to think that anyone who disagrees with you is discriminating
against you. Let me assure you that a) I have no power to censor this
list and b) I have no desire for it to be censored.

> Let us hope that we don't return to the days in which Black people,
> Chicanos. Jews, Asians, gay people, or others are discriminated
> against because of their skin, beliefs, or ways of expression. Or
> anyone else for that matter.

So at the moment these groups aren't discriminated against at all????

> I for one will not permit it.

I'm glad to hear this; I can stop worrying about racism and discrimination
and relax, secure in the knowledge that you have everything under control.

Danny Yee.

P.S. I strongly recommend that you see a psychiatrist. You write well and
you have interesting things to say; if you weren't so paranoid I think
you'd be an extremely valuable contributor to the list.