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Subject: White Buffalo Calf

Greetings all:
After spending literally hundreds of hours surveying various
expressions of native literature pertaining to many different themes,
I have finally narrowed down a manageable term project for a directed
reading at the graduate level that I am conducting with a professor in
the native studies program here at the University of Alberta. We
have decided to look at how the legends/stories/literature (oral and
written) surrounding the white buffalo calf woman and the current
flurry of dialogue on the calf born last summer are being portrayed
in three forms of "literature/media": academic scholarship, popular
literature, and the internet.
To that end, I would be very grateful for any suggestions for
references, especially in popular literature such as newsletters,
newspapers, magazines, fiction, etc. I've done fairly well so far in
locating academic resources, but have no doubt missed some. I'm
especially interested in how the portrayal of the _content_ of the
legend has changed over time and especially how the birth of the
calf has energized the native community in North America.
I would also be interested in your reflections on this issue, if
you care to share them with me.
Thank you so much for your help.
Best wishes,