Call For AAA Paper-Session Participants

Wed, 15 Feb 1995 09:26:16 -0500

I am soliciting abstracts for a proposed NAPA session on
"Anthropologists & NGOs" for the 15-19 November 1995
American Anthropological Meetings in Washington DC.

I would like to hear from other anthropologists who have
researched, have consult for, or work as employees of
international, development-oriented, non-government
organizations (NGOs) of any type. My personal experience
has been with private-sector funded NGOs such as
Mennonite Central Committee, Save The Children, World
Neighbors, World Vision.

The aim of the session is to examine NGOs and our experience
as anthropologists with NGOs from the perspective of AAA 95
Program Themes, for example: 1) NGOs as transnational
institutions linking and mediating relations between
situationally diverse actor-groups across the globe; 2) NGOs
as carriers, if not creators, of transnational culture(s);
3) NGOs as advocates for indigenous and other ethnic groups,
or (possibly) as witting or unwitting agents of their
centralization or marginalization; 4) NGOs as more (or less)
effective than public-sector institutions in "delivery" of
development assistance to "the poorest of the poor;" 5)
implications for methods and theory of anthropological
practice with NGOs; and so on.

Again, the proposed focus is on the apparatus (the NGO) that
is "delivering" development assistance, and only secondarily
on the people who are the presumed "beneficiaries" of such

If well conceived and abstracted PRIOR TO MARCH 1, this
could (after peer review) become an invited NAPA session.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be
interested in participating, please let me know ASAP.

Ronald (Ron) Stutzman Voice: 219-535-7414
Professor of Anthropology FAX: 219-535-7234 or 535-7660
Goshen College E-mail: Ronls@Goshen.Edu
Goshen IN 46526-4795 USA