Re: Marcial Godoy Communications

Luis Medina (fmedina@PEAK.ORG)
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 23:45:54 -0800

On feb 15 L.M Hendrickson at NOSC.MIL
> On Feb. 14, Thomas Rimkus wrote:
> >The anti-entropic nature of this list in the
> >dissemination of reports from Mexico is syntactically wonderful.
> >Unfortunatly, many of us cannot read Spanish.

> Good point about language. Maybe the person that posted the
> messages in Spanish was trying to achieve an effect rather than
> communicate the contents to a predominantly English speaking
> list.

Maybe, ... maybe the person doing the posting assumed that those
interested in Chiapas know some spanish or might even be native speakers
of that language. Achieve an effect? or not bother with translation?