Re: research request--Maya and gender issues

Amy Jacob (a.jake@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU)
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 20:06:01 -0600

I'm beginning research for a paper on gender relations/women's roles in
indigenous groups in Mesoamerica, I would appreciate any references to
articles/books/studies of this general issue..
Amy Jacob
p.s. I am very much aware of the current and tragic situation in Chiapas.
One of the original goals of the zapatistas, in forming their Women's
Revolutionary Law, was to demand that women have the right to work,
education, to decide the number of children they bear, the right to choose
their partner, freedom from violence and the ability to participate in the
revolutionary struggle in any way that their desire and capacity determine.
Already, through the alternative and scarce sources of information from
Southern Mexico at this time, we are hearing of massacres of the indigenous
population and the rape of their women. I am interested not only in the
role of women within the EZLN, but of women in the indigenous/peasant
populations and how this role does or does not differ greatly from that of
the patriarchal structure of the western world. Unfortunately I must fulfil
undergrad requirements for my classes this semester, including Athro of
Mesoamerica, for which I want to include a paper on the women of Chiapas.
At least I will be able to concentrate on a place close to my heart despite
the horror of the present situation. I wish it wasn't so. Thank you for
your help.
Viva Marcos!