Mon, 13 Feb 1995 09:20:37 CST

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The Mexican government is going to murder the Indian and Mestizo
men, women, and children among the freedom fighters of the
Zapatistas. Including those under arms who will valiantly resist,
there will be those listed as among the collateral damage. Their
deaths will run into the thousands. Those who are left alive to jail
will be tortured and starved.

What possible justification could there be in lending legitimacy
to a government by continuing the "scientific" endeavors of
anthropology in Mexico?

What justification can there be to continue archaeology when
those peoples who culture is excavated are being slaughtered?

Viva Chiapas! God bless you all.

Just let me see if I understand this. The Mexican government is going
to slaughter innocent people. Mr. Johnson wants all foreign national
anthropologists and archaeologists who might be able to get information
out of the country about these depravations to go home and
wring their hands?