bargain NATO ASI volumes

Allen Gardner (gardner@UNR.EDU)
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 13:10:47 -0800

We were dismayed when we learned that Kluwer Academic Publishers priced
our NATO ASI volume on ethology and culture at $192.00. But, this seems
to be a general policy for all ASI volumes. We were pleased, however, by
the following paragraph in a letter from Nels de Boer of Kluwer.

>As you may know NATO ASI volumes are available for classroom use
>at a special price of $ 40.00 per copy when an order of five or
>more copies of the same title is placed. These orders should be
>prepaid and are handled by:

>Mrs. Barbara Kester
>NATO ASI Series
>Publication Coordination Office
>Elcerlyclaan 2
>B-3090 Overijse, Belgium

Since many NATO ASI volumes are highly suitable for graduate seminars,
students and professors could acquire some of these valuable
collections of papers at bargain prices, and at the same time build
some interesting seminars around them.

Lists of current NATO ASI volumes can be obtained from Barbara Kester.

Allen Gardner
University of Nevada