ATLAS/ti - text interpretation & theory building demo

Thomas Muhr - Public Health A4 (muhr@CS.TU-BERLIN.DE)
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 17:35:39 +0100

ATLAS/ti is a software tool for the support of text interpretation and
theory building using semantic networks. Its main application is within
qualitative research, but it also offers a quantitative gateway (SPSS job
generation). An ATLAS/ti 1.1e Demo for DOS-based PCs is now available via
anonymous file transfer.

How to get a copy:
The WWW way:
The easiest way is to make your way through the World Wide Web, using a
browser like Mosaic or Cello. However, a terminal based text-only browser
like lynx should also do.
Start at the ATLAS/ti general description page
Click the link to the demo provider page (....getdemo.html). There you will
find further instructions for "downloading by clicking".
In the ATLAS/ti home page you should also take a close look at the systems
requirements near the end of the document before you attempt to download the
(rather large) file.

Using anonymous ftp:
You should get two documents via ftp. The first file to be transferred,
"readme.1st" explains how to handle the self-extracting archive
"atldemo.exe", which is to be downloaded thereafter.

1. Start ftp at your local machine and
2. connect to:
using "anonymous" and your account to login as usual.
3. Set transfer mode to binary (which is often the default)
4. Switch to directory /pub/incoming/atlas-ti
5. GET file readme.1st (about 2K size)
6. GET file atldemo.exe (about 1.3 MB size)

Please print and read file readme.1st before you proceede to create the
installation diskette.

- Thomas

PS.: The two files have been validated and successfully being downloaded
from different locations on our planet.
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