Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 00:51:56 CST

Damn the torpedos! Look out for the anthropologists! Shit, you missed one!
Look out, Jim, there are Clingons on the starboard bow. More power Scottie.
If I give her more powr she'll blow, capn. Who's that on our tail, Mr.
Spock? Robert who? Flying the Entrepeneur to where? What do you mean we
can't get the shields up, Mr. Sulu? Good God men he's fir....

And so the Enterprise and her gallant men and women, who were in fact agents
of an oppressive, imperialistic Federation defending the interests of post-
modernist capitalism (after publication, that is) perished at the triumphant
hand of ROBERT THE GOOD on his trusty ship, the Entrepeneur. Today anthro-l,
tomorrow Chiapas, next week who knows--maybe the world.

When will he strike again? Where will he strike next? More power, Scottie!

Mike Lieber, a terrestrial
putzing along in the schlepmobile