research request

Meredith Bruns (WVMPB@TTACS.TTU.EDU)
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 21:55:07 -0600

I am doing a research project examining print journalists' perceptions of
anthropology as a resource. I want to determine why journalists are
quicker to turn to pstchologists, sociologists, and historians rather
than our discipline for stories/news/background.

I'm looking for any related material, including research on media and
anthropology; articles/theses on "media and anthropology";
communicating anthropology to the public; good/bad experiences with

(I'm hoping to quantify what we're all familiar with!)

I am familiar with the (shall we say) "primary source material" in this
field, but all suggestions are welcomed!

(This request also appeared in the Feb, issue ofthe Anthropology

Meredith Bruns
Center for Anthropology and Journalism