Re: Flames and Replies- A Reminder

Richard Spear (rspear@PRIMENET.COM)
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 17:52:26 PST

In article Danny Yee <danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU> writes:

>Does anyone know how big a mailing list has to become before it
>becomes more efficient to turn it into a newsgroup? My guess is that
>anthro-l would be close to the turnaround point, though there are,
>of course, other reasons we might not want it to become a newsgroup.
>(An interesting issue this; one which really brings to the fore
>questions of elitism and the relationship between academia and "the
>masses", as well as raising questions of the social legitimation of
>human intellectual endeavour. I may write more on this later.)

>Danny Yee.

Danny -

I'd be cautious about conversion to a Usenet newsgroup ... there already *is*
a sci.anthropology and it has been virtually unusable over the last two weeks
because of three threads dominating the inputs (this is changing for the
better as we speak). These threads are mired down in vituperative accusations
and have lost much of the value they might have had in the beginning. There is
some advantage to a list (even to a monitored list) but I *do* usually
enjoy the discussions on sci.anthro ... you just have to occasionally bide
your time.

I guess my point is that each medium has value and anthro-l usually produces
interesting interactions.

Regards, Richard