Comics and Stereotypes

Thu, 9 Feb 1995 16:01:00 PST

In view of the fact that racism/stereotypes has had considerable interest on
this list, I thought I would quote from a recent comic strip. The comic
strip is Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker and the following sequence occurred:

Panel 1: General's wife to the general: "You never take me anywhere! You
don't help aroung the house! You drink too much!"

Panel 2: General leaves the house and says: "Boy, was _SHE_ on the warpath
today. I'm glad to go to the office!"

Panel 3: In office, comment from a female soldier to the general's secretary:
"Did you read how they treat women in mideast countries?!" Response from the
secretary: "Yes, they can't drive cars or show their faces in public!"

Panel 4: Female soldier: "They can't hold office." Secretary: "They can't
own property."

Panel 5: Female soldier: "They're owned by men like cattle!" Secretary: "In
80% of the tribal countries men can have multiple wives."

Panel 6: General outside says: "I think I'll go play golf."

Have fun, deconstructionists!
D. Read