Re: run-in with Clifford Geertz

Thu, 9 Feb 1995 12:42:05 EST5EDT

One other thing, to everyone involved in this: I think these
personal attacks, initially ascribed to Mr. Johnson (is he a Mr., or
a Dr.? If that was mentioned, I've forgotten), have become common to
everyone discussing the issue, and it doesn't become us as
professionals. Insults aren't going to change anyone's mind any

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> Considering your antics the last we met, I have no doubt you
> believe it. By the way, thanks for correcting my spelling of
> Geerzt's name. I haven't read much of his reflexivist noise
> since his last decent efforts at ethnography during the
> Agricultural Involution days. So, after that earlier sniping
> week, what efforts are afoot to censor me this time. I hope
> washed your mouth out with soap as well as tempered your
> predilection for ethnic/racist slurs and rants against my
> "political correctness."
>On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Anita Cohen-Williams wrote:
>> And I had a run-in with Erving Goffman before I was born. So
>>what? >
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